The Memory App

THINC-it is a new app that measures your memory and concentration. Learn how to use it to track your progress as you make changes in your life to improve cognition. And, most important, we share a technique to help you make those changes when you have no motivation to do them. Free download of THINC-it […]

5 Ways to Sharpen Memory and Cognition

Psychiatric disorders don’t just change how you feel – they can also break down the brain’s ability to remember, prioritize, and perform simple tasks. It’s easy to brush your teeth, pay your bills, and stay on schedule when those cognitive abilities are intact, but when they fumble even the simplest task is overwhelming, or as […]

How to Sleep

Sleep medications are helpful, but they are not a long term solution, and they usually don’t work all the way. In this podcast we’ll teach you how fix insomnia by harnessing the biological forces that drive sleep. The therapy is called CBT-insomnia, and there are more resources at: Apps: CBT-i Coach. Books: Depression and Bipolar […]

The Antidepressant Calendar: How to “Just Do It”

How do you get things done when you have no motivation? The Antidepressant Calendar is a useful tool for this common dilemma of depression. Find more ideas for your calendar at: Published On: 2/1/21Duration: 16 minutes, 11 secondsTranscript: Today, a simple technique that can help you step out of depression: The Antidepressant Calendar. The Pocket […]

Rebuilding Life after Bipolar

Brett Stevens has lived through the worst of bipolar and come out standing. Here’s what he did to get his life back. This is the first edition of The Pocket Psychiatrist, a monthly series you can share with your patients through a separate podcast stream Welcome to the Carlat Psychiatry Podcast, keeping psychiatry honest since […]